Roost's innovative kitchen and cozy restaurant
is focused on Singapore's favourite
national dish, chicken rice

Delight in the wonderful satisfaction we bring you through our inventive menu of local and Asian delights. Roost is a gathering place for friends and family over meals anytime of the week. See you soon!

The Story Of Roost


Krispy Kreme's automated donut-making process sparks a desire of cooking chicken rice with consistent quality, minimal expertise backed by automation and robust back-end processes, so that the world will be able to enjoy Singapore's favourite dish anytime and anywhere.


Roost's owner together with master chef, Toh Thian Ser, collaborates with local engineers and a food science team to create the world's first prototype of an innovating chicken cooking machine.


The team develops the second iKook prototype and continues on the road to making Roost a reality


The third iKook prototype is born despite an uphill battle against numerous challenges


The team makes headway with the fourth prototype of the proprietary chicken cooking machine and the machine is officially named as iKook.


An improved iKook is developed as the fifth prototype and a launch event unveils the machine to industry partners. The development of iKook gains momentum with new technology partners coming on board to develop the sixth prototype.

The concept store for Roost comes to fruition and brings a refined menu of hearty local and popular Asian fares.

November 2016

Roost opens in Singapore as the first chicken rice themed restaurant featuring the 'made by Singaporeans' invention, iKook.


Contact us for a customised experiential learning journey where students can learn about various topics.

Sharing of innovative ideas and Roost’s innovation journey.

Interaction with students enhances the learning process.

Demonstration on the making of chicken rice balls.

Hands-on experience for the students.

Students are highly encouraged to ‘play’ with their food!

Happy students makes for a successful learning journey.


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